Three Hearts. Three Stories.

Each heart in our logo represents a story of someone who is impacted by cancer.
The ones who have survived.
The ones who are healing.
The ones we remember.

When one of our board members was diagnosed with cancer, she felt overwhelmed not knowing how she would respond to treatment. The mountain of information provided to her from doctors was so important but took hours to sift through to find help for her symptoms. After her successful recovery she founded the You've Got This! project to pass on Treatment Starter Packs full of helpful trial size products that helped ease her symptoms.

At the You've Got This! project, our purpose is to gift Treatment Starter Packs to adults in the process of receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. We feel having these items on hand will get patients through the side effects or at least give them support when the side effects hit. This is an awesome way to lean into the treatment.

The You’ve Got This! Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those individuals affected by cancer through Treatment Starter Packs. Treatment Starter Packs are distributed by contacting the project and through local cancer treatment centers.

What's in a Pack?

Treatment Starter Packs contain over-the-counter medications to help alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Send a Pack

Know someone who needs a treatment starter pack? We can help you show them some love.

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Your financial contribution will help us to uplift adults battling cancer.