Mary Jo Wegenke

Mary Jo is the founder of the You’ve Got This! Project who has worked as an Early Literacy Consultant in Lansing, Michigan. After her Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2017, she was longing to give back to the community in hopes to ease the stress of starting the treatment process. Mary Jo and her husband brainstormed ways they could give back to the community. Their ideas led to the creation of the You’ve Got This! project. Her husband cheered her on through her cancer journey and the start of the non-profit. As they watched the impact of the project spread, they were blindsided by her husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis. His short battle reinforced the need to provide Treatment Starter Packs to those beginning the treatment process. We believe that no one should fight alone, and the first step is providing Treatment Start Packs. She is the proud wife of Bart and mother to their adult children, Samuel and Emily. To all of our friends who are beginning their cancer journey, You’ve Got This!

Team Information

 Founder- Board of Directors